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Insurrection by Peter Rollins

My friend JR kindly reviewed Peter Rollins' latest book, Insurrection - give it a read if you have a chance:

Slaves to Progress: Thoughts from the New Plantation

Having been lately fascinated with the Anabaptist way of life, I just watched the documentary “The Amish, A People of Preservation.” The documentary had the strange allure of a home-made movie, and throughout the entire film a strong thread common to all Amish emerged: they do not want to become slaves to Progress at the expense of their families, communities and Faith.

An update from the farm

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything here. That is both good and bad, but it is about time I post a quick update about what we have been up to and why things have been so quiet around here. The Vaduva family has been busy at work, moving away from a city and urban style of living to a much simpler way of life on a small farm here in Ohio.

The Danger of Christian Sacralism and Statism

Lately I have been interacting with people here and there about the relationship between Christianity and the State...and amazingly most opposition to State-driven Christianity comes from Conservatives. When I tell people that I refuse to say "the pledge" they get quite animated and even upset. Very frustrating... Here it is a blog entry from Jonathan Grubbs on Statism and Christianity, using Anabaptists as an example: "The Anabaptists assailed this imbalance, as did they did all forms of state coercion. If they were opposed to "christening," it was only because they were opposed to the "Christendom" this practice represented. For this insistence upon a "Believers' Church," separate from the state, Manz was bound and sent to the bottom of the Limmat. Oh yes, there were cries of "Freedom of religion" -- as long as you supported the right religion. And thus the Christian sacralism of Constantine became the Christian sacralism of Luther and later of Calvin."

Why I reject Preterism

So, is it bad when someone spends time writing a huge message titled (in all caps) WHY I REJECT PRETERISM and the answer to the message is, "What is Preterism?"

Best and funniest exchange ever:

Advertising doesn't get any better than this. :)

TruthVoice 2010 Highly Unlikely

Folks it has been our yearly tradition for 8 years now to host the TruthVoice conference here in the Dayton area, which has proven to be a blessing and comfort to many people attending year after year. Unfortunately, it looks like 2010 will be a year to skip doing a conference for several reasons, some which are personal in nature, others financial...

Brain surgery boosts spirituality

Removing part of the brain can induce inner peace, according to researchers from Italy. Their study provides the strongest evidence to date that spiritual thinking arises in, or is limited by, specific brain areas.

Ohio mandatory newborn DNA testing

Help, the State has my DNA!

Today I ran across a very interesting article which educated me on something I did not know: the state (in this case Ohio) mandates DNA testing of all newborns without any parent consent or notification.

Opportunities in Socialism

Today I receive this email from a guy named Travis: "Thats also interesting you were from an Eastern Block country. Was it that bad there, I"m learning some of these countries had opportunities that without Socialism they wouldn't have had. Travis"

After 12 years medical journal retracts paper on MMR vaccines and autism

The Lancet medical journal formally retracted a paper on Tuesday that caused a 12-year international battle over links between the three-in-one childhood vaccine MMR and autism.

The paper, published in 1998 and written by British doctor Andrew Wakefield, suggested the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) shot might be linked to autism and bowel disease.

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