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The Deep Politics of WikiLeaks

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By Virgil - Posted on 08 December 2010

by Virgil Vaduva
The term Deep Politics was created by English Professor Peter Scott to illustrate how cultures, societies, nations and groups of people tend to collectively and involuntarily suppress facts because of the social and psychological cost of not doing so. In other words, humans collectively suppress facts which are inconvenient and difficult to face, and often do this involuntarily, almost at an unconscious level. There is no better time when Deep Politics has been readily manifested in the public lives of Americans than now, when the public has been suddenly forced to face the actions of its Government, all thanks to WikiLeaks.

During the Cold War it was very exciting as a teenager to huddle around a short-wave radio, listening in the dark every evening to The Voice of America. It was not as much the act of listening that made it exciting, although tuning in to the show was actually illegal, but what made such evenings excting for me was the fact that I knew that every evening the DJ will expose some new criminal act that the Romanian Communist State was involved in; perhaps some new assassination, coverup of murders, a new shooting on the border, and a coverup of a sex scandal by a Party official. You see, during the Cold War, revealing the criminal acts of Communist governments was viewed as a positive thing. And indeed, it was quite positive as truth eventually set millions of people free.

During his visit to China, President Obama was asked a question about the benefit of people all over the world having free access to information. His answer was that “the more freely information flows, the stronger societies are.” The so-called “leader of the free world” publicly recognizes the benefit of information flowing freely, and how knowledge of one's government leads to increased freedom for all.How is it then that the very same Government Mr. Obama serves is now attempting to shutter and stop the free flow of information? Could it be that truly terrifying secrets are the means by which oppressive Governments keep a society weak?

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Well said Virgil

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Thanks for speaking out on this most important current event.

Wikileaks has set off a revolution. For those of us that have had our fill of the corruption of the modern nation-state, led pre-eminently by decadent American foreign policy of the recent decades, Wikileaks offers a bright hope that the true criminals are being exposed in public.

What will happen in the future is anyone's guess. The problem is that over-reaching empires in the past seldom, if ever go into that dark night quietly or come to sane evaluation of their own mistakes in time to change their folly. More likely, the beast lashes out to protect its own interests. This is where the danger lies. Revolutions tend to be dangerous times, indeed.

Here is my perspective. The idol of modern statism, worshiped by right and left alike, is now tottering. A word to the wise. Get out of the way before it comes crashing down.

It's time to start thinking about the kind of future where people can work together in non-coercive ways to solve their own local problems and pursue their interests. It's time to turn away from "solutions" from the Federal gunverment, which have been the source of every form of political tyranny and abuse in the modern world. It's time to look for ways to build community and relationships. Ways to serve locally, and benefit from the free exchange of ideas and products outside the control of the welfare-warfare state with all of its collusion with corporate cartels from Agribusiness to Banking.

That is the direction from which a new era of peace and liberty will spring. It is nothing less than the principles of the gospel of peace and liberty applied anew to our time.


Tim Martin

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Yes Tim, they made their government god and they worship at the altar of statism every day.

Another WikiLeaks revelation that came out will the State lovers cover this one up?

Afghan children sex parties funded by U.S.

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