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Why Redirectionalism can be considered to be the only orthodox Eschatology.

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By donaldjamesperry - Posted on 23 December 2013

Why Redirectionalism can be considered to be the only orthodox Eschatology.

What happened historically from AD 33-AD 70 is defined in Revelation only up to a point, after a point it becomes ideological. [Even if we put it in the future, even then the second coming still has to be ideological.] This is because what is stressed has to do with that world that is perfected in the person of Christ identified fully in Him and in His blood, man is not able to identify with this perfectly. If any man could see the second coming, he would not see it with his mortal eyes, he would already be resurrected. To understand the coming of Christ we have to understand the very end of these things as God viewing His people through the blood of Christ. In truth they are not perfect, they never were, however Christ promised to bring them into a greater and more perfect understanding in which they would rule the nations with Him, with a rod of iron. And Christ promised to perfect His people.

Jesus Christ and the Apostles had in mind a specific hope that was dependent on obedience or disobedience. They had a specific mindset as to how they viewed the world. Redirectionalism express their orthodoxy, unlike the other eschatological views. Whatever eschatological hope we have today that does not match the Apostles, we should understand that this is heretical to one degree or another.

Redirectionalism sees things being literally repeated after the AD 33-70 generation model. These historical recapitulations are seen to be living shadows of Christ the first of the First-fruits, and the First-fruits His generation that are now repeated in every generation to varying degrees as the Gospel is preached throughout the world. Your personal resurrection is likewise based in the Lord Jesus Christ, Christ had one resurrection not two. 1 Corinthians 15:44 defines Christ’s resurrection. “It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.“ If you are raised as only a spirit this means you will not join the brigdegroom in the wedding chamber, but that you are going to the abode of the dead in Hell and Sheol.

*Partial Preterism* changes the hope of the Apostles, Full Preterism a little more, and in the case of Hyper Preterism it removes it altogether.

*Futurism* incorporates dispensationalim, news interpretation, and a traditional faulty exegeses to make a visual show out of the Second coming with little relevant true spiritual application to the individual or the church.

*Historicism* does not use a complete model when making application to any age.

*Christian Idealism* will interpret Revelation idealistically; however Christian Idealism is blind to the necessity in incorporating a proper historical basis for its idealism that Redirectionalism does, having to do with AD 33 – AD 66 whose people can be referred to as the firstfrutis, and Christ the first of the firstfrutis.

*Literal Future Fulfillment* Anyone of these systems will conclude that the resurrection, the second coming, or the end of the world is literally outside of our immediate history and pushed off to some irrelevant final historical event. Some Preterist Postmillennialists suppose that the resurrection maybe even thousands of years off in the future.

Why wasn’t Redirectionalism used before 2000AD?

There is idealism throughout the Bible. Sometimes there is immediate consequences, AD 70 is not always the end all eschatology. Enoch was no more because God took him, and Jesus told the thief on the cross that this day he would be with Him in Paradise.

Every Christian interpretation recapitulates on the Matthew 24 theme, but not in a way that seeks to be consistent with the mindset of the Apostles. Thereafter, people have never considered the centrality of Christ and His Firstfruits before in absolutality, interpreting everything about eschatology leaving nothing to speculation.

Redirectionalism is available on and If you would like a free copy let me know.

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I have recently repented of my Redirectionalist view and taken it off the market and am now a Reformed Idealist. My apologies to Roderick Edwards.

Donald Perry

My Idealist Book us being revised and the new book is here:

The actual commentary is under heavy revision and the long introduction is under light revision.

The Apocalypse And Orthodox Idealism at
By donald perry

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