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“Last Days” Not Quite Prophetic

Gary DeMar responds to an e-mail he received recently in reaction to an American Vision ad sent through e-mail that commented on the dispensational thinking that has led to the decline of Christianity in America. This e-mailer tries to use passages that talk about the "last days" to bolster the idea that Jesus will come back only after things get really bad.

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The Trouble with Conservatives

by Jacob G. Hornberger
The trouble with conservatives is that they fail to live the principles of freedom that they expound. The problem, however, is not simply that conservatives set high standards and then fail to meet them after striving to do so. The problem is that conservatives expound standards that they knowingly and deliberately violate.

TruthVoice 2010 is on for May 28 and May 29

A while back it became apparent that I would be unable to support and handle the logistics of planning a 2010 conference, and I announced that TruthVoice 2010 was unlikely. Well, I have some good news - it seems like TruthVoice 2010 is not only likely, but it will DEFINITELY happen, thanks to a generous sponsor offerring to cover the entire cost of the conference!

The United States Has Become The Nation It Rebelled Against

This is the text of the speech I plan to give in Xenia, Ohio on April 24, 2010 at the tax rally. See details of rally here. http://stopxeniatax.blogspot.com/2010/04/informal-consent-for-april-24-t...

Heaven: A fool's paradise

Why do the majority of Britons still believe in life after death? Heaven isn't a wonderful place filled with light – it is a pernicious construct with a short and bloody history, writes Johann Hari

John Lennon urged us: "Imagine there's no heaven/It's easy if you try/No hell below us/Above us only sky." Yet the religious aren't turning to Lennonism any faster than Leninism. Today, according to a new book by Lisa Miller, Newsweek's religion correspondent, 81 per cent of Americans and 51 per cent of Brits say they believe in heaven – an increase of 10 per cent since a decade ago. Of those, 71 per cent say it is "an actual place". Indeed, 43 per cent believe their pets – cats, rats, and snakes – are headed into the hereafter with them to be stroked for eternity. So why can't humans get over the Pearly Gates?

Is Modern-Day Israel a Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?

Jim Fletcher says yes, and Gary DeMar says no! So much of modern-day prophetic thinking hinges on the question. Israel becoming a nation again in 1948 has been a mainstay of Bible prophecy writers. Dispensational Premillennialists use the reestablishment of Israel as support for their claim that we are living in the “last days” and make up the “terminal generation.” In the final analysis, the question can only be answered by an appeal to the Bible. This debate will take place on June 19 in Powder Springs, GA.

Antipodean Hour Does Iraq

First, my thanks to Michael Loomis on his excellent work in building and hosting Preterist Radio. You can connect with Preterist radio on 'ad70.net'. This network is the place to be for current Preterist audio teaching. The line up is impressive and the material available is well presented with some of the best scholars in the Preterist world today. My weekly hour has a geopolitical and economic flavor. I am certainly humbled to share the airwaves with the other wonderful hosts. My hour covers the march to collectivism, equalization by impoverization and such esoteric topics as 'Why did Katherine Casey Lose Her Mind'? Last week we did Iraq ...


A New Kind of Gospel

by Eric Rauch
François-Marie Arouet, better known as Voltaire, is credited with the famous saying about man creating God in his own image. He worded it this way: "If God has made us in his image, we have returned him the favor." Many variations of this quotation have been used by various authors over the years to communicate the idea that man has a natural predisposition—the Bible calls it sin—to think of himself as the center of the universe. It was pointed out to me in a sermon I heard in my early days of becoming a Christian that man employs two methods of making more of himself than he ought. The first is fairly obvious: man makes much of himself. But the second is less obvious and more difficult to deal with: man makes little of God.

Wikleaks releases disturbing video

Yesterday Wikileaks released a previously secret video recorded from an Apache helicopter allegedly showing U.S. forces opening fire on a crowd of unarmed civilians, including a reporter and his aid. The video and pictures are quite disturbing so keep that in mind before watching it. Below is the short version - it still includes footage where a minivan stopped to pickup the wounded civilians and it was also fired on; two little girls were inside the van. If you cannot stomach the video, you can read the transcript.

A Woman’s Place Is In The Church

The cause of the Catholic clergy's sex-abuse scandal is no mystery: insular groups of men often do bad things. So why not break up the all-male club?

Here they are, the members of history's oldest and most elite all-male club, trying to manage what began as a domestic crisis. For decades, certain priests in America, Europe, Ireland, Brazil (and God knows where else) abused—raped or otherwise molested—children and teenagers not in the frescoed halls of the Vatican but in their own backyards: on camping trips and in cars, in dormitories and confessionals. Those few boys and girls confident enough to tell their secret whispered it to the women they trusted: mothers, aunts, grandmothers. Those few women brave enough to question authority or seek justice from the bishops were hushed up and shut down. In this case Jesus was wrong: the meek did not inherit the earth. They received pious and self-serving sermonizing.

Revelation's Parallel Use of the Sequence of Ezekiel: Part One, by Duncan McKenzie

I am breaking this article into two parts to make it easier to read and study. It is from volume II of The Antichrist and the Second Coming: The Book of Revelation (which should be out by the end of the year). In the meantime read volume one! http://sites.google.com/site/antichristandthesecondcoming/

The “Two Kingdoms” Tyranny

by Joel McDurmon
The tyranny of the Welfare States we currently live under (throughout the world, but the West especially) is a direct outfall of “two-kingdoms” style theology. By setting up a false division between heavenly and secular matters, the Church has consistently mismanaged its wealth and abdicated its social responsibilities. Then, when the poor—even the poor within the Church—come into need, they are told, or it is assumed, that their needs shall be met by the civil order (which is presumably not Christian, or quasi-Christian at best). How’s it look for Christian charity when the Christians direct their own to the pagans for charity? And when the pagans got their funds through theft to begin with?

If Scripture says everyone, how can we still be particular?

by Joel Watts

It may be said, rightly, that this contains a great deal of proof-texting, but in these passages is a clear understanding that Christ died for the world, tasting death for everyone, redeeming all. Have we drawn a line not in Scripture?

The question which keeps rolling around in my head is about the power of Christ. If by the sin of Adam, misery and death reigns upon Creation, and if the blood of Christ is the one thing that can redeem – who or what is more powerful? Is it the sin of Adam or the blood of Christ? If Adam’s sin can destroy to the uttermost and envelope everyone for all time, then is the blood of Christ only good for a rather small portion?


The End of Cancer?

Mark Davis, head of the research team that created the nanobot anti-cancer army at the California Institute of Technology says that we might be looking at the end of cancer as we know it:

The 70-nanometer attack bots—made with two polymers and a protein that attaches to the cancerous cell's surface—carry a piece of RNA called small-interfering RNA (siRNA), which deactivates the production of a protein, starving the malign cell to death. Once it has delivered its lethal blow, the nanoparticle breaks down into tiny pieces that get eliminated by the body in the urine.

Render Unto Caesar: A Most Misunderstood New Testament Passage

Tiberius' Denarius bearing: "Tiberius Caesar, Worshipful Son of the God, Augustus" and "High Priest"

by Jeffrey F. Barr
Christians have traditionally interpreted the famous passage "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God, the things that are God's," to mean that Jesus endorsed paying taxes. This view was first expounded by St. Justin Martyr in Chapter XVII of his First Apology, who wrote,

And everywhere we, more readily than all men, endeavor to pay to those appointed by you the taxes both ordinary and extraordinary, as we have been taught by Him; for at that time some came to Him and asked Him, if one ought to pay tribute to Caesar; and He answered, ‘Tell Me, whose image does the coin bear?’ And they said, ‘Caesar’s.’

The passage appears to be important and well-known to the early Christian community. The Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Mark, and St. Luke recount this "Tribute Episode" nearly verbatim. Even Saying 100 of non-canonical Gospel of Thomas and Fragment 2 Recto of the Egerton Gospel record the scene, albeit with some variations from the Canon.

Mooreton, North Dakota - Search and Rescue and Service

The uniformed members of the various response agencies must have nearly outnumbered the population of the little town of Mooreton, North Dakota. Members of the North Dakota Highway Patrol, County Sherriff, the Coast Guard, the National Guard, Border Patrol, Customs Agents, U.S.


“The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage”? by Gary DeMar

Olson wants the right of homosexuals to “pursue happiness” but without the moral restrictions of the Creator who sets the limits of what a person chooses that makes him happy. All types of behaviors make people happy. Just because a person pursues that happy behavior does not make that behavior morally acceptable in the sight of God, and in the end, only God’s sight matters. In that same Declaration that Olson appeals to, God is said to be “the Supreme Judge of the World.” He is not a judge in the abstract. The signers believed that God judged in particular ways. They understood that you can’t have “unalienable rights” without a Creator, and you can’t make a moral statement against civil tyranny without a Supreme Judge. The same is true of other behaviors.

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