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Episode 30: Brian McLaren on Creation, God’s Project of Reconciliation, Part 1

We have not done a Planet Preterist podcast in a long time so I will start posting a series by Brian McLaren, recorded in multiple parts, covering Creation, Crisis, Revolution, Calling, Conversation, Church, and Consummation and Celebration. Regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with McLaren on everything he says, this is a very good series of podcasts which I highly recommend.


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The Early Church and Bible Prophecy

Gary DeMar

The Early Church and the End of the World by Gary DeMar and Francis Gumerlock asks this fundamental question: "What did the earliest of the early Christian writers actually believe about prophetic events?" We can only answer this question by studying what they wrote. Unfortunately, we do not have a complete record of the period. Many of their surviving works are only fragments of larger works no longer available to us. To make an historical investigation even more difficult, there are translation issues. Many of the works of those who wrote just before the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and beyond have not been translated into English.

Psalm 71: Growing Old in God (I hope I get old before I die)

by Jeff Carter
Last Sunday – January 24, 2010 – was my birthday. I turned 35 years old, and I celebrated it like an old man: I took a nap.

Some of you chuckle because you know that 35 isn’t really “old.” And some of you – some of you kids and teenagers – chuckle because you can’t even imagine being old like Captain Jeff. “Old age” is a matter of viewpoint. If you’re only as old as you feel then some of us are younger than our years and others are far older than our years.

Tom Holland's Contours of Pauline Theology

Tom Holland: Contours of Pauline Theology

For a couple of weeks I have been selfishly indulging in reading what I think is one of the best books I've read in the past year, Tom Holland's book Contours of Pauline Theology, A Radical New Survey of the Influences on Paul's Biblical Writings. The book is a general overview of primarily the relationship New Testament has with the Old Testament in Paul's eyes. Is the NT a wholesale remaking of what Paul knew to be Scripture, or simply a natural addition, Holland would suggest, an actual continuation of the OT itself.

Pure Kingdom – Finding and Emergent Eschatology


by Leon Bloder
I was born with glaucoma, an eye disease that can result in blindness that typically only afflicts the elderly. I read once that only 1 in 100,000 infants have the propensity to be born with glaucoma. Pretty slim odds, to be sure. Still, I was born with it. When the genes and chromosomes of my parents joined forces the resulting union contained a blight, and that blight nearly left me blind.

Conservative Politics, Homosexual Marriage and The Bible

by Mickey Denen
Theodore B. Olson, in the Jan 9, 2010 edition of Newsweek, explains why he is “attempting to persuade a federal court to invalidate California's Proposition 8—the voter-approved measure that overturned California's constitutional right to marry a person of the same sex.” The enter article may be read here: http://www.newsweek.com/id/229957.

Church is Here

by Joy Schroeder
My deal is that I am a 40-something ‘recovering’ charismatic evangelical. I grew up in the church and spent 23 years completely sold out specifically to the Mega church experience and LOVED every minute of it, eventually finding myself in leadership roles etc. Because of a few very ugly experiences with the ‘powers that be’ I started to have questions about leadership, how money seems to be misappropriated in the church in general, the role of women, the inability for the church to truly promote reconciliation, the place of gays in the church...biblical inerrancy…etc., etc., etc. I even began to have a sincere crisis of faith.

A New Film: Rockin the Wall Project

by Virgil Vaduva
Dr. Larry Schweikart is no stranger to Planet Preterist as I've interviewed him before regarding his appearance on the Rush Limbaugh show and some of his books and articles written on American history and wars. Dr. Schweikart and I spoke together at a Liberty Group meeting here in Dayton, and discussed the implications and historical relationships between the rise of Communism and the evolution of American politics. Dr. Schweikart is also currently involved in a fantastic project called Rockin The Wall.

Preterist Radio @ AD70.NET

Preterist Radio @ AD70.NET has been up and running for two months now. And what a fun ride it has been thus far. Pre-recorded messages from Don Preston, David Curtis, Tim Martin and Gary DeMar play at various times throughout the day with an eclectic mix of music interspersed. We have "Live" programs every day of the week where you as the listener can call in and participate.


It definitely has been some time since I have last visited the Planet Preterist website. Not much going on here. Enjoying life, fatherhood, have a wonderful wife, and pursuing a degree in Communication.

Other pursuits has been looking at ways to promote my own writing/research papers. One place, that I have recently discovered is Create Space and Mag Cloud.

Welcome to a new Planet Preterist

So for the first time since 2002 Planet Preterist has a new back-end and a new face, which may be confusing to a lot of the old timers who were used with our old interface.

The “then world” versus the “now heavens and earth” in 2 Peter 3:6-7

By Jerel Kratt


This paper refutes Sam Frost’s position that Peter uses “heavens and earth” and “world” synonymously in 2 Peter 3:6-7. Such a position is critical to Frost’s rebuttal of the basic premise proposed by Tim Martin and Jeff Vaughn, authors of “Beyond Creation Science” (BCS), that the Heavens and Earth to be destroyed in AD 70 was the original creation of Genesis 1:1[1]. Frost’s position is that the “heavens and earth” which were destroyed in AD 70 began at Sinai, and that there existed a previous covenantal “heavens and earth” beginning in Genesis 2:4 and ending with the flood of Noah[2].

The History of Preterism and Futurism: Poisoning the Well

by Gary DeMar
The following is a response to a critic of preterism named Darrell Myatt. While I’ve answered many of the objections he raises here and here, I wanted to discuss his opening statement about the origin of preterism. Futurists, mostly dispensational premillennialists, claim that their position has historical pedigree. The majority of the early church fathers are said to have been premillennialists.

Preterist Idealism Story Fundamentally Different from Historical Christianity

by Virgil Vaduva
Preterist Idealism seems to be coming up more and more often in various places so I recently had a chance to look into what it is all about and what it can offer fundamentally that necessitates the rejection of Preterism altogether and requires the use of an entirely new label or name. The difficulty here is that it’s a bit hard to read up on something that as far as I can see was just made up by Todd Dennis and John Noe; on top of that most of the material I see on Preterist Idealism is little more than railing against Preterism, rather than providing a somewhat systematic outline of what Preterist Idealism is, what new and beneficial things it has to offer, etc, most articles are used for some reason to attack Preterism. So, it is a bit difficult to determine what something is when it is only being defined by what it opposes and what it is not.

Empires of Trust Versus Religions of Conquest

by John Evans
Thomas F. Madden's recently published Empires of Trust[1] has been duly praised by such prominent historians as Joseph J. Ellis, Niall Ferguson, and Victor Davis Hanson and is indeed, as Ellis indicates, “a breakout book” that deserves to be ranked very high among works that compare the Rome of ancient times with the United States of today.

The Lamest Refutation of Preterism

This is what happens when someone who is completely ignorant on a given topic attempts to refute that topic:

The prophet Joel says ''Jubilate''

by Jeff Carter
The prophet Joel remains a strange enigma to us. We know very little about him. The only concrete thing we know about him is that his father was named Pethuel – and that’s it. That is all that we know for certain about Joel.The prophet Joel remains a strange enigma to us. We know very little about him. The only concrete thing we know about him is that his father was named Pethuel – and that’s it.

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