Hate bill passes in House

by Albert Persohn

There is Nothing New About the New Atheism

When you proclaim something holy (or accuse it of the opposite) some mental heavy lifting is often required—an endeavor that almost always involves the private act of reading. For skeptics and atheists, mainstream publishers have obliged with the over-hyped surge of books intended to nourish the concept of “no God” or, slightly less loudly, “no religion.”

Survey: Americans switch faiths often

The United States is a nation of religious drifters, with about half of adults switching faith affiliation at least once during their lives, according to a new survey. The reasons behind the swap depend greatly on whether one grows up kneeling at Roman Catholic Mass, praying in a Protestant pew or occupied with nonreligious pursuits, according to a report issued Monday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Go (Truly) Green - the Answers in Genesis Version

Answers in Genesis is attempting to refute (and miserably failing to do so) the "Earth Day" and the supposed arguments in support of protecting the environment and promoting awareness about environmental issues. One reason: "We were told to use the resources that we have been given and to multiply and fill the earth (Genesis 1:28). However, we must also understand that the world now groans from the effects of sin (Romans 8:22). Only God can restore the earth, but the fallen nature and the promise of restoration are not excuses to ignore the very first task that God gave humanity in Genesis 2:15. Subduing—being a steward—means that no matter the state that creation is in, we are here to use the resources responsibly and to take care of God’s handiwork.3"

Preterist Pilgrim Weekend - July 16-18, 2009

The Preterist Movement continues to grow and expand across all denominational boundaries! Exciting things are happening everywhere! Excitement is already building for Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2009! Inquiries are coming in almost every day. It is time for you to make your plans!

The Giant Story

Rob Bell's latest book, Jesus Wants to Save Christians (Zondervan, with Don Golden), is his most substantive yet. It's nothing less than a holistic, biblical theology of salvation—written, paradoxically, in Bell's typical sentence-fragment style. CT senior managing editor Mark Galli sat down with Bell, founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to probe him on some of the more striking statements in his book.

U.S. recession linked to more abortions, vasectomies

The pregnancy was unexpected, and for one 32-year-old single mother in Syracuse, New York, the ailing economy became a factor in her decision to have an abortion. "More so now that we are in a recession ... I felt I had to go through with the procedure because I cannot afford another child," said the woman, a registered nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was worried about job security.

Everybody’s Columbine

Ten years later, the Columbine High School massacre is still about nothing. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did not go on a killing spree because they were picked on, or because they were pagans, or because Colorado had lax gun laws. Eric was a cunning, calculating psychopath who wanted to kill as many people as possible, and Dylan was a depressive who wanted to kill himself. That is it.

Introduction to Covenant Creation

by Timothy P. Martin
and Jeff Vaughn

What Is Covenant Creation?

Preterists recognize that the “end” spoken of in prophecy is not the end of the physical world. Rather, it is the end of the old covenant, the end of the “old creation,” the passing away of “the first heaven and the first earth” (Rev. 21:1). We call this Covenant Eschatology. and Jeff Vaughn

The resurrection from the dead

by Andrew Perriman

The death and resurrection of Jesus, locked together in a brief three-day period, constitute the defining moment of Christian belief. It is here that the light of God’s love for humanity burns most brightly through the dingy fabric of history. But the light of the Easter event can be so intense at times that we fail to see the surrounding context, the whole unrolled cloth, the long narrative of which the cynical execution and ambiguous resurrection appearances are an integral part - and without which they so easily become misappropriated by a truncated mythology of personal salvation. This simple contribution to our Easter reflections highlights four of the narrative insights that foreshadow and explain the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Pope: We have drifted into a desert of godlessness

Pope Benedict XVI will tonight attack the rise of aggressive secularism in western societies, warning them that they risked drifting into a 'desert of godlessness'. The Bavarian-born Pontiff will use his Good Friday meditations to compare deliberate attempts to purge religion from public life to the mockery of Jesus Christ by the mob as he was led out to be crucified.

The End of Christian America

The percentage of self-identified Christians has fallen 10 points in the past two decades. How that statistic explains who we are now—and what, as a nation, we are about to become.

Let's Hide! The Emergent Church is Coming!

The rejection of a pre-tribulational Rapture is a characteristic of the emerging church in all of its aspects, including the more conservative side. Mark Driscoll refers to it as “pessimistic dispensationalism” (Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches, p. 146). He has said that eschatology-minded Christians are not welcome in his church (“Mark Driscoll Rejects McLaren but Embraces Contemplative,” Jan. 11, 2008, http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/index.php?p=931&more=1&c=1). In the book Confessions of a Reformissional, Driscoll mocks the idea of the Rapture and a one-world government with an Anti-christ who makes people wear a mark to buy, sell or trade (pp. 49-50). He claims that this was not a message from Jesus but rather one ‘concocted from a cunning Serpent’”

David Curtis: The Jewish Feasts and Eschatology

At TruthVoice 2005, David Curtis masterfully spoke about the Jewish feasts and their relevance in the fulfillment of first century eschatological promises. These two videos are a "must watch" as you will learn about the typology behind these feasts and their prophetic significance.

Are Only 144,000 Going to Heaven?

by William Bell

At our potluck for our church group last
night we had some interesting discussions
with our teenagers about money and
responsibility. Are Only 144,000 Going to Heaven?, was a question asked that was as much out of place
in that conversation as it is in this paragraph.

High-powered mathematicians take on free will

by McDonnell Hall

Ten years ago, Princeton mathematician John Conway wowed standing-room-only crowds with a series of public math lectures. Among many things, he spoke about ancient Greek geometers and his modern discovery of surreal numbers. He threw in some math tricks, too. Audiences flocked to hear the joys of math recounted by one of its masters and left enthralled by Conway's intellectual wizardry.

The "Emerging Church": Christianity That the Beltway Crowd Can Love

by William L. Anderson

The difference between liberals and the "Emergent Church" leaders is that the emergents tend to have a somewhat higher view of Scripture (although they would not agree with evangelicals and others that the Bible is inerrant), and they tend to believe in the deity of Christ. Although they don’t hold onto some of the orthodox doctrines, nonetheless they do tend to believe that there was a real and historical Jesus who really did die and rise again. However, the thing to remember is that their theology itself is directly tied into state action to redistribute wealth. When they speak of "voting out poverty," what they mean is the election of politicians who will carry out the tasks of building a fascist society. It is a theology of fascism, and while that sounds harsh on my part, nonetheless it also is the brutal truth.

Why Peter Singer makes the New Atheists nervous

by Dinesh D'Souza

I write this fresh from debating bioethicist Peter Singer on "Can we be moral without God?" at Singer's home campus, Princeton University. Singer is a mild-mannered fellow who speaks calmly and lucidly. Yet you wouldn't have to read his work too long to find his extreme positions. He cheerfully advocates infanticide and euthanasia and, in almost the same breath, favors animal rights. Even most liberals would have qualms about third-trimester abortions; Singer does not hesitate to advocate what may be termed fourth-trimester abortions, i.e., the killing of infants after they are born.

Nightline Face-Off: Does Satan Exist?

The devil -- also known as Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub -- has become the primary antagonist in almost every major religion. He is seen as the rebel, a serpent and a fallen angel who tempts mortals into committing sin, and preys upon their despair. But does Satan really exist? That question will be debated Friday, March 20, when "Nightline" tackles the controversial and sensitive issue in the third installment of the "Face-Off" series.

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